Jenice Johnson Williams has over 15 years of experience. Her writing and photography style are journalistic and authentic. When you decide on what kind of photographic session or written work you need, trust that your investment is well worth it. Jenice's clients' biggest compliment is how comfortable she makes them feel. Your important moments are precious and reflect the art that is your life. 

Below are some wonderful people who have shared their thoughts about the work I do and I couldn't be more grateful. 



Words cannot express the absolute pleasure it was to shoot with you. Even though there were three photographers present at our shoot, I felt an immediate connection to you. Personally, you just seem like a good, genuine individual. Quiet, yet excited. Calm, yet raring to go. Professionally, you’re easygoing, easy to connect with, and you really put your subject at ease. Your prompt posting of photos just shows your enthusiasm for your work. Thank you for the honor... it was an absolute joy, and I can’t wait to shoot again!
— Chrystine, promotional model
Jenice is a very outgoing person. She is always interested in your business and always looking for new stories to write about. If you have not yet met Jenice I suggest you do. She will help market your business for success!
— Dawn Patterson, owner/director of CP Prep School
Ambitious, assertive, and courageous, Jenice is a go-getter. I met her in Dallas when she covered many of the events for ArtLoveMagic for neighborsgo news. She was at every show, talking to everyone, and getting the scoop. She would talk to anyone from the new, shy artist to the head of the organization. And she always has an opinion from which she will not waver. I’m proud to know her.
— Nathon Hay, Civil Engineer


I spent an incredible evening with Jenice in February. She is a beautiful soul and an incredible artist! I’ve never had such a great connection during a photo shoot! She’s creative and innovative. This was truly one of the best experiences of my life!!! Thank you, Jenice!!
— Brenda Armstrong, client


I enjoy the honesty Jenice captures in her photos... I think that’s exactly what draws me to look at what else her perspective leads her to shoot. It’s as if she has the ability to freeze time and capture part of what makes these people so amazing...I would say it’s obvious in her work that she enjoys what it is she does.
— Keanna Marie-Henson Pohl, artist
Jenice’s work is superb. Her combinations of color, lighting and composition are beyond compare. Her work seems to have no limits. Whether you need business applications or personal, you will not make a mistake by selecting Jenice as your photographer.
— Jimmy Carter, Director at Ignite
This is a safe space where you can laugh, let go, and just be yourself. I’ve attended several events here and I go home every time with a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Plus, in addition to the events held here, Jenice is a gifted photographer and writer. Need to look amazing? Jenice can work magic behind the lens of her camera.
— Crystal Finney, Art Is Life Studio Member


Jenice is an amazing artist. She is a photographer, writer and opens her studio up to anyone who wants to share their knowledge or learn. I have been to two of her workshops. Jenice is a pleasure to work with. Recently I worked with Jenice’s writing side to build new information regarding #IrishCoffeeStudio, bio, artist statements, etc. Jenice is passionate about what she does and it shines through in her work and as a professional. I look forward to working with Jenice for writing and editing for upcoming blog, email and our studio information. I highly recommend her for any of her services. She communicates with you honestly and uses the timelines discussed. I’m very excited to share our new information with new clients, on the web and at Gallery shows. Thank you Art Is Life Studio!
— Becky Heath, client

A place full of love and good vibes. Come with no judgments nor insecurities because this place is one of the few that offers an environment suitable for breaking down the walls and just getting real.
— Ryan Lee, Musician and Poet