Photo by Dream Focus Studio.

Photo by Dream Focus Studio.

I would love for you to follow me over to my latest project, Art Is Life Motherhood. I started this website because I needed an outlet after having our miracle. I’ve always been vocal online — just about every paying gig forced me into the earlier uncharted to the now completely crowded (at times treacherous) waters of social media, oversharing, and online community. I’ve always worked in a creative field but opened a space called Art Is Life Studio in 2015, which is most likely why you’re even here. After having our daughter, I closed the doors indefinitely in 2018, quit my long-time job, and focused solely on being her mom as I navigated my talents in a more part-time vein. This. Was. Hard.

After going through infertility, I didn’t see any other way but to push everything aside once the impossible became possible. Once she was here and she showed me right away that I wasn’t going to be able to “do it all.” Relationships changed around me and within my home as a bonus mom. Things really have been trying and painful but beautiful, full of hope, and yet so unpredictable. Motherhood is like that. I needed to write this out, put in on a different platform from my artist site, and find some solidarity in it all. 

I have always believed that everyone is an artist because art is life. Everything we do, endure, and create for our lives is art. Even the messy stuff.

I’m now a momma on a mission — finding the perfect products for my munchkin (I only reach out to/work with those I feel a connection and that I know we would use), commiserating with other moms, and sharing the reality of being in this place of motherhood. I hope you enjoy it the site as we stumble through this life together.