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Commercial Services


commercial services

Although I work with companies of all sizes, as a small business owner, I understand how difficult it is to do everything while also keeping your business afloat. Unfortunately what ends up happening is the most crucial assets of your business, namely marketing, get put on back burner. Maybe your company website has a blog, but you haven't written anything on it in over a year. Or maybe you have a database of emails but have only sent one newsletter in the last six months. What about your headshot or product photos? People want to get to know the person they choose to do business with and learn about who they are which leads me to whether or not you have a properly-written "about" page. Do you have social media but don't like the hassle of operating your accounts? Not only do people get to know you and your business through your website, they also want to see fresh content and timely responses to their customer service questions they post on your social pages. Art Is Life Studio can help you with that dusty to-do list for your business by offering all of these services and work within your budget. Please fill out the form below or call 817-307-9384.




Writing, editing, content creation

As a premier provider of rehab and wellness services, Aegis Therapies® uses cutting-edge technology and innovation to help restore strength and confidence after illness or surgery. This company has over 1,400 locations across the country.

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Writing, photography, social media

I worked as an assistant director of marketing and communications for nearly eight years for this small but national Native American food company with a big story. My work included managing social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as web content and writing press releases.


Content Writing for SEO

During my contract with DECASO, I created engaging articles about interior design history, trends and how to place/use the high-end vintage pieces they sell and included SEO (search engine optimization) keywords provided. You can find some of my written work at the bottom of some of the sales pages. One of my favorites was for chandeleirs. DECASO is an online destination for sophisticated designers and tastemakers to discover and source world class modernist and antique furniture, decor and decorative art objects.


Story Writing, Press Release Rewrites, and Photography

Monthly contributor for this independently-owned magazine covering a variety of people and events throughout Plano, Texas.


Event Photography

This very special part of Plano is always very active with something exciting to do every week with your family, friends and community. I have been lucky enough to capture the events that take place. It's a vibrant community of performing performing arts, galleries, event venues, unique shops and restaurants, all set against a backdrop of historic buildings.




Founder Patsy Charles created a cutting edge eyelash extension line called Studio Kat and I am working on her content for clients and a lash training guide using her products. The Skin Institute of Dallas offers innovative and revolutionary training techniques in eyelash extension and permanent cosmetic makeup training.