Written Journey to Healing

Written Journey to Healing

“The writing process isn’t just about the black and white of technicalities, grammar and spelling. It’s not just about what a writer wants to convey. Writing is an effective way to tap into innermost feelings or issues and break free from what may have restrained a person from expanding. It is a tool that helps individuals seeking personal growth and removes obstacles that can plague many aspects of a person’s life. Writing can truly be a healing process.”

 Jenice Johnson Williams


Art Is Life Studio’s founder Jenice Johnson Williams offers an unparalleled writing experience to her clients. Through her Written Journey to Healing process she works as a personal writing coach to not only help what’s holding individuals back from their potential as a writer but also aids in removing emotional blocks.

Jenice uses a series of writing exercises and guidance to achieve the ultimate goal of opening the door to expression and reconciliation to the past. Written Journey to Healing clients will also experience meditation, energetic clearing and mental clarity during the process. Every step is unique to the individual and impacts everyone differently. By the end of the process, writers will feel free and even more open to official writing their story if desired.


“Jenice is a sage of writers … And I was absolutely blown away by her spiritual gifts. She was able to nail my fears right off, and point out where I was holding back in my writing. Being a strong woman, it takes someone confident enough in her own abilities to call me out. Jenice is just that woman! An awesome writing coach. I feel honored to have worked with her…”

— Terri L. Jones, a current "Written Journey to Healing" student


“I have been writing stage plays for most of my life, but in the past two decades or so, for a variety of reasons, I have felt quite blocked from completing many new plays … By the time I left Art is Life Studio I had written more than the first ten pages of a new one-act play. I wrote those pages after Jenice gave me feedback for the piece, which I composed during the class session. Even after a full night’s sleep, by 9 a.m. this morning I had completed a first hand-written draft of my new play. I have not experienced this level of inspiration and rapid creative output in two decades. Consider me unblocked!”

— Iris Jacobs, a “Written Journey to Healing” workshop attendee



  • $30/hour or $150 for three 2-hour sessions (must be paid up front).

  • A minimum of $20 will be added for driving distances 20 miles outside of Richardson, TX. 

  • Workshops are offered throughout the year. Keep up to date on the Events page to see what's coming up or contact Jenice at artislifestudio@jenicejohnson.com to schedule one.