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Chakra Yoga for Inner Peace - open series

For several weeks we will experience a gentle flow yoga and inner world exploration. The purpose of this Chakra Yoga is to integrate the inner and outer selves; matter and consciousness. Chakras are like stepping stones of consciousness along an axis of the spine. 

Based on the work of Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body Western Mind, these classes look at the emotional and physical qualities of each Chakra. 

There are 7 major Chakras that run from the top of our heads down to the base of the spine. Each of the centers are associated with different parts of the body, colors, aspects of self and sound. With mindfulness, concentration and intention, we touch the Divine Soul presence which freely moves through our core.  

Only 5 participants can join, due to limited space, at $10 a session - RSVP a must. Flexible Spending or Health Saving Account can be used. 

Yoga and Body Oriented Support Group led by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher, and Director of Psychodrama with over 15 years of offering therapeutic and unique yoga classes. 

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Use Paypal to pay * REFUND POLICY:

No refunds, other than if class(es) are cancelled or member cancels 10 days prior. Otherwise, payment may be allotted to other services by same leader.

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