Learning to garner your resources in business

I have been a resident of Terrell, Texas for about nine months and I recently decided that it was time to join the Chamber of Commerce. 

Being that in the past I've always stood on the other side of a ribbon cutting, taking the photo and writing about a new business in town, this was a huge step for me. I have lived longer in many other places and never joined a chamber but with the new direction of my life, I realized being a member of the Kaufman County area means finding potential in a smaller setting. I actually like the idea of growing in a smaller town environment and helping it succeed. 

Over the years, being a part of a busy urban setting resulted in me having a greater appreciation for more quiet and acknowledging what gets overshadowed. Living in Kyle, SD for a while reenforced my feelings about that and I'm looking forward to new opportunities away  from the bustle of city noise and over-saturated markets. 

Today was my ribbon cutting at the Terrell Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau and I got to meet many of the membersEveryone was kind and helpful as well as discussed possible leads with me. I hope that my future with them will be as bright as the personalities I met today. I am going to contribute as much as I can. 

Above photo by Angie Cooper with my camera. I was looking at the

OTHER camera, not my own. Ha!