Reflection: Art is life, life is art

It's been a few months since I've blogged here but I have had more than my share of happenings and upheavals. David made a big surprise of January by finding a great deal of a space to rent to achieve the dreams I've been harboring for years. 

Art and spiritual practice have held me together for over five years when I made the decision to live a life without a dependency of alcohol. Anyone who knew me then probably didn't consider my having a problem but every person's journey is varied and can not be compared to the next. You don't have to be a falling down drunk to have a problem. I found it hard in the beginning of my sober journey to feel comfortable attending the same events and going to the same places. Most of those events were art-driven and always had free alcohol overflowing. 

I thought there had to be other artists who were going through this too and I started dreaming up a place where other creatives in recovery could find solace, feel inspired and find confidence. I also wanted that space to serve as a photography studio, store and gallery to anyone who wanted to stretch their wings. This kind of space has been on my personal vision board and then continued to have placement on the vision board David and I share. "Art Is Life" are words that have been tattooed on me even before sobriety and this was going to be the name of the space I envisioned.  However, I just kept putting it on the back burner because I was never "ready" to take the leap. Little did I know David was going to be the catalyst for me to finally take a chance. 

January 27 is my birthday and this year David stumbled across a location he wanted me to check out. I wasn't sure at first. It was an office building and I just wasn't seeing the potential. But there was just something about it that I couldn't pass up so David paid the first month rent and we got to work creating the space into something I could visualize as a first step to this goal. We have now been open a few months and the lessons have been big. I decided to call it Art Is Life Studio once I purchased the DBA so it would give a little more clue as to what I was hoping to do in the space.  The grand opening was a great success and full of life and people very dear to me. 

I have always had some sort of business selling my work, freelance writing and doing photography sessions. But a brick and mortar space is beyond new to me! There have been sheer terrifying moments and blissful ones. Good and bad judgment calls. Love, serenity, creativity and inspiration. I've been blessed as much as I've been scared to death. 

Our little family is seeing some big challenges too but through all of it we are holding as strong as possible. I may not have given birth to David's children but I'd risk my life to avoid any harm their way if need be. 


I am burying the lede a bit (as they say in the news biz) but David proposed to me at the end of March though I will tell you we have been unofficially engaged since last year. We are having an engagement/art party coming up this Friday at the studio. We've come a long way and so much left to do and endure. One thing that we can bet on is love and fate. It was fate that all of the things that have happened led us back to each other after over 20 years and that we are building a new venture and life with one another. No matter what happens in all regards, those are things to rejoice.