Tempting fate brings new year of changed plans

Let’s see if I can make it to February before my plans may change again! I do love a good adventure.

Those were my last words from my December blog post. It's been well over a month and those words became a self-fulfilling prophecy because my plans have unbelievably changed! 

Over the last five years I've learned to trust my gut about the major decisions of my life -- even when they seemed tough or bizarre at first. And every time I can safely say it was the best decision for that moment and I grew from the challenges and triumphs. That said, I've decided that for now, the best thing for me is to stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

I wrote all this up a few moments ago but because of glitches from this website (hello, Mercury is in retrograde) everything I wrote was erased even though I saved a draft. My GUT told me that it wasn't what I needed to post. Some aspects of my life have to remain a little more private until the timing is absolutely appropriate. What I can tell you is that was NOT an easy decision to cancel my move to Tucson but it was absolutely what I needed to do. All you have to do is read my last post to figure out why I was sold on that move -- I have the wanderlust bug so choosing to stay local to DFW was a big change in my thinking. I am sure some folks out there probably think I'm akin to a jittery, fluttering butterfly bouncing from this flower to that. Just know that the reasons for all this shifting are tremendously good. Now I just have to wait and see if I got into the Creative Writing graduate program at the University of Arizona which I find out in March. This will choose my next step. 

I'm not big on resolutions. It's a new year but if I had made a resolution to post just one blog entry a week or every other week, I would have already failed! What is the point? Life shifts, moves and adjusts us every day as the Universe laughs at our "plans." I'm living proof that the most unlikely situations can appear when least expected but that's not always a bad thing. It can be truly beautiful and just what you need when you really started to believe that you didn't. 

I have a lot happening right now but as things progress, I will post about them here eventually. And I have every intention to keep growing and challenging myself as best I can. For now I have to let some of the dust settle and then put much more focus into all of my craft. I imagine this year is going to bend, shape and push all limits. 


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