Finding gratitude in a can

Sometimes you just have to decide canned tuna is good enough. Especially if it's not a regular staple of your diet. And especially when you are low on funds and living in a food desert. Mind you, regular old tuna isn't as cheap everywhere as you'd think. It's nearly $3 here in Kyle, SD. So when I had to go into the city (90 miles out) this weekend for groceries from my favorite natural food stores, I opted for the 100% pole and line caught (a sustainable fishing method) chunk light because guess what? It was only a few cents more.

The thing about canned tuna is you can literally throw anything at it and it's tasty. At least that's something I've always thought! Possibly makes me weird... Anyway, below was the result of throwing things at tuna.


Pretty tasty. I make my own mayo and mixed this with fresh cut ginger, onion, dried cranberries, hemp seeds I got on sale and a few squeezes of a lime. It's such a standard American diet thing to crave bread or crackers with something like this but it was just fine alone. I did forget sea salt and pepper at the time of this cell phone pic. Definitely do sea salt and pepper.

I know that some paleos avoid canned tuna like the plague but sometimes you do what you have to and be grateful! And gratitude is a delicacy.