Did someone say fire?

Image I thought the cabin was on fire yesterday.

Me and my friend from work were getting ready to workout in the warehouse when we heard it looked like there was a fire in town. And of course my being a former journalist and handy with a camera, I wanted to check it out.

"I know you want to go play journalist!" she said. And off we went.

The closer we got, watching everyone coming out of buildings and houses to see what was going on, the more I began to feel my heart beat faster.

"Maaaan, is that the cabin you are staying in?!" My friend asked.

I froze. But the more we drove down the road, we realized it was behind the cabin and up the hill a bit. I didn't want to feel relieved because someone's something was on fire but I couldn't help it. I grabbed my cat, just in case, and we went back to the office to work out. When I was a little worried about the fire spreading, my friend was saying that there really wasn't a fire department and firefighters come from Martin which is about 30 minutes away. But I think she was joshing me a little! I found out a bit later that there are volunteer firefighters around. And from the look of things, the house behind the cabin wasn't actually on fire. It appeared to be trees and the general feeling I got was no one was hurt. I also found out later that it was in fact a work shed that caught on fire.


I'll admit I was thinking of all the things I may have lost in that possible fire. First of all, the cat, of course. And there are certainly things I wouldn't want to have seen go. But I've got less stuff (almost everything is in storage back in Texas) now that I'm living a bit smaller these days. However my heart still sank when I wasn't sure and wondered, for a moment, what my life would be without my little four-legged nuisance!


Well, we worked out while my cat Tiger Lily whined to come in the warehouse and during that 20 minutes the smoke died down. Those volunteer firefighters must work pretty fast. When I drove home everyone had gone back inside and back to what they were doing. I guess that's the way of things. Something makes a big impression but you are only as relevant as your next headline as they say!