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A Written Journey to Healing

Writing can truly be a healing process and I work as your Personal Writing Coach to help you through it. Through my Written Journey to Healing process, I act as your tour guide as you become comfortable telling the story inside of you.

The writing process isn’t just about the black and white of technicalities, grammar and spelling. It’s not just about what you want to convey. Writing is a tool that helps you with what’s holding you back in many aspects of your life. The true basis of where to begin your story is finding what prevents you from telling it. You may even have trouble finding your voice and chalk it up to writer’s block. Or even worse, you convince yourself you aren't a writer.

Often the issue isn't that you can't write -- it's that you need to unblock something, need to change preconceived notions of writing or get past the possible intimidating thought of trying to complete a written piece of work.

Your investment of $50 includes an interpretation of your writing, notebook, handout and refreshments. There will be a 45-minute break. Please pay ahead here for planning purposes ($10 off when you do!) and I hope to see you!

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