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Unity Through Imagery

Please join us for “Unity Through Imagery” – a gathering and photo shoot from 1-5 p.m. Oct. 8 at Art Is Life Studio in Richardson. Art Is Life Studio is joining forces with Kevin Jackson, Sr., owner of Genesis Barber & Beauty Salon, for this event.  

We spend a lot of time behind screens and being outraged with the things happening in the world around us. Let’s get together in person and show some solidarity through art. We are inviting anyone and everyone who wants to be the change to meet one another, create some understanding and unite as one. This is a time where it’s crucial to find allies in each other but first we must step out of our comfort zones and create the conversation. 

You will be photographed with someone (or more than one) you don’t know. That is the point. You are meeting someone you wouldn’t have possibly met otherwise. There will be words you can pick together to hold up for the shoot if you’d like to send a message that resonates with you. All images will be photographed against a black backdrop and completely monochrome. The point is to show the similarities of our skin reflected in light and tone. 

This event is FREE and all images will be downloadable on a website and available for purchase if you want prints. Donations to cover expenses are accepted but not required. Bring something to eat and share — the idea is that we are in a family reunion of sorts but with people you don’t know yet. Share food, thoughts, and hopefully laughs and love as we take this photographic journey together. 

***If you are a makeup artist who would like to donate your time to this, please come!***

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