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Coloring Interpretation: Are You Outside the Lines?

Art Is Life Studio has hosted several coloring parties so far and every time I (Jenice) have enjoyed seeing the final (and not-so final) results. Sometimes I say something like, "You can tell a lot about people by the way they color." This usually leads to someone challenging me to do so and so far I've been told that I should offer this as part of a coloring event. This is that event. 

Full disclosure: I do not claim 100% accuracy but so far I've been pretty spot on. Either way, it's a fun culmination to an already relaxing experience. Our monthly coloring parties are always super chill and relaxed. There will be food, lots of coloring and lots of things to color with, of course. 

According to recent popularity, coloring is clearly not just for kiddos anymore. Many are using it as a form of meditation. It may sound silly but there is an interesting centering effect to coloring. 

For $15 I will provide the snacks, coloring supplies and pages from various coloring books and your interpretation. 


Hope to see you all. Seating is limited to 25 voracious colorers. Please note that this is an adults-only event.