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Art Is Life Coloring Party: II

When was the last time you colored?

Some of us haven't in ages and many have been closet colorers for years! 
According to recent popularity, coloring is clearly not just for kiddos anymore and is a cheap way to chill out with your friends in a stress-free activity. 

It seems articles have been passed around the social media table almost DAILY telling tales of escaping from the day-to-day and getting creative through coloring. Just from the response from these articles alone, I pretty much gauged we are all aching to do this -- and more often. It's meditative and from the response from the last coloring party, it's so relaxing you may be tempted to nap over your pages! 

For $10 I will provide the snacks, coloring supplies and pages from various coloring books. PAY FOR YOUR SPOT HERE:

Our friend Delphi Colquhoun has this great image we will be using for this event as a kickoff to a future coloring book of her own! Come prepared to just be and enjoy the soothing sounds of crayons going to town. 

Also George Wallace II has offered to frame your images at a discounted rate if you want to have them framed all nice and pretty. I don't use anyone else for my custom framing. George's Frame & Art Gallery is located at 7130 Campbell Road, Suite 20, Dallas, Texas 75248.

Hope to see you all. Seating is limited to 25 voracious colorers.