Labor of Love: Interview with The Pohl Vault

Zach and Keanna Pohl have not only been friends to the studio but have also exhibited their work here. Zach is a singer/songwriter. Keanna is an artist who works with Polymer clay, paints and mixed media. Collectively they title what they do as The Pohl Vault -- a delightful play on words of their last name. They both are superbly talented and our director of marketing, Best Tardy, had a phone call them recently while they have been on the road.

How long have you both been married?

K: We met in 2004, in February, at a giant birthday party. We saw each other at a bowling alley, but didn’t actually speak. It was at the after party that Zach used my T-shirt as a conversation starter. We were best friends for probably two or three years. And then we got married in 2008. That’s like the short, short version. We both dated other people but we were still best friends, and eventually it was like, “Hey, maybe we should go on an actual date and see how that goes.” Our story is not for everybody, but we’re who we are because that’s what works for us.

Zach and Keanna, you’re currently on tour right now. Where all have you been so far?

K:  We are in Spokane, Washington.  We've been to Amarillo, TX - Trinidad, CO - Colorado Springs, CO - Denver, CO - Boulder, CO - Ft. Collins, CO - Loveland, CO - Greeley, CO, Cheyenne, WY -  Laramie, WY - Dayton, WY - Billings, MT - Yellowstone National Park - Jackson Hole, WY- Bozeman, MT - Helena, MT - Missoula, MT - Glacier National Park - Whitefish, MT - Naples, ID - Coeur d'Alene, ID.  In our entire tour were going to see about thirty-seven states.

Zach plays Black Label Brewing Co. on Friday here in Spokane.

So this tour is very inspiring because the freedom on the road that you both are experiencing really reflects the freedom of your music, especially in your latest album Back To Zero. What’s this been like sharing your music with other people on this tour?

 Z: Our music is donation based. Music to me…it’s free. I feel like music is a gift you give people. We’ve been getting by on the kindness of strangers, because we are strangers wherever we go. This is a love based tour; this is a labor of love. I’ve always said that my favorite crowds are when I don’t know anybody in the room. That means I get to share wholeheartedly and openly.

You seem to have this great connection to humanity — but it’s even more than that, it sounds like you have this great connection with everything. Where did this all start?

Z: That’s a good question. I grew up in a Lutheran church and went to a Christian college. I didn’t have the connectivity then: it was me vs. the world or believer vs. nonbeliever. Eventually I started getting out of church work. In college I directed church choirs and over the last few years, I guess I could sum it up and say whether you’re a believer in any religion, God or Gods thereof, the power of the universe is in our fingers. We create our universe, and right now I’m finally seeing the fruits of what it is I envisioned for myself.

K: Addiction runs rampant in my family, but in a lot of magical, wonderful people ... So I was like an outside observer. And from that perspective, you’re able to see what choices lead you down what path. In my family, but also with Zach, to be able to see what different choices will do — to start making choices that would break away from the addiction and to see that take place. See people grow and share more of what makes them magic…I still have a lot to learn, but I really do believe…well, in everything that he said. And it’s only grown since we’ve been doing this.

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