"A Written Journey to Healing" workshop brings new life to a dream

This past weekend I hosted my "Written Journey to Healing" workshop which, since its inception some years ago, continues to evolve. 

My process is a little different than a regular writing class. It has a lot more to do with getting to the heart and spirit of your writing ability and your personal story (or stories) more than it has to do with critiquing it. The writing process isn’t just about the black and white of technicalities, grammar and spelling. It’s not just about what you want to convey. Writing is a tool that helps you with what’s holding you back in many aspects of your life. The true basis of where to begin your story is finding what prevents you from telling it. Not only that, but writing is a wonderful way to work through pain and uncertainty. 

I was thrilled with the results that came from the ladies who attended my most recent workshop. One of them is Iris Jacobs. Below is a beautiful testimony of her experience and I wanted to share it with you.

"Yesterday afternoon I attended a writing workshop class called "A Written Journey to Healing" at Art is Life Studio. Artist and studio owner, Jenice Johnson was my guide along my writing and healing journey, and I cannot express with mere words how grateful I feel to have been able to participate in this class! 

Jenice offered participants a warm, welcoming, friendly, encouraging, non-jugemental, and inspiring space to enter into together to be guided to write. The class description I read on Facebook prior to attending the class suggested that we would receive feedback on a piece of writing composed during the class session, and that it was Jenice’s wish that her feedback would help participants begin to discover what has been blocking their writing, and she hoped to offer us guidance in taking steps to unblock ourselves. Jenice specifically asked me to arrive at  Art is Life Studio bearing only an open mind and the intention to participate in the class. 

I have been writing stage plays for most of my life, but in the past two decades or so, for a variety of reasons, I have felt quite blocked from completing many new plays. The Written Journey to Healing class began at 1pm yesterday and lasted until 5pm. By the time I left Art is Life Studio I had written more than the first ten pages of a new one-act play. I wrote those pages after Jenice gave me feedback for the piece which I composed during the class session. Even after a full night’s sleep, by 9am this morning I had completed a first hand-written draft of my new play. I have not experienced this level of inspiration and rapid creative output in two decades. Consider me unblocked!

So fellow writers, should you feel blocked in your writing, and should you be open-minded, and wonder if you might benefit from a healing writing journey, I highly recommend that you take your writing healing journey with Jenice Johnson at Art is Life Studio. I would take this class again. I also intend to begin attending other types of events at Art is Life Studio. Who knows what other benefits I may find there? Thank you Jenice for your insight and expertise, for your friendly encouragement, and for welcoming me into your inspiring creative space!"

I truly love this process. I am so proud of this past weekend's group. It was just a few but I believe every time I have this workshop, the people that are here at that time are who need to be here.

The energy was flowing and the pens moved quickly. Our interpretation time opened up blocks and made revelations. I am very pleased and doing another one in April so stay tuned.