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Art Is Life: The Alveys

Note: Back in March 2012, I had the pleasure to speak with L.D. and Frances Alvey. I asked them both what they believed was the meaning of life. I was collecting a few vignettes from the elder generation on the topic. At the time of this interview, I hadn’t made some of the tough decisions I have made today that I felt were necessary to the path I needed to take. After this conversation, I realized that we all not only have a story to tell, but to live. The influencing force depends on the person. Since all of this I have realized that storytelling at this level is crucial. Mr. Alvey has now passed on and Frances remembers this interview fondly and has thanked me for it even to this day. This is important work and I’m ready.

L.D. Alvey sat back in his chair as he recalled his life.  His wife Frances sat near him as dim light from outside filled their living room.

“She’s my memory,” he said with a smile.

They met after Mr. Alvey followed his career in the Merchant Marines by working as a welder at a company across the street from a diner Mrs. Alvey’s mother owned in Fort Worth, Texas. He was 26, she was 15 and she said everyone told her it wouldn’t last. However the Forth Worth girl and the Kissimmee, FL, young man have been married 60 years.

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