Art Is Life: Releasing and moving forward

I moved the studio.

You may have already known that but I don't think I've updated here since the move last month. It was really a whirlwind -- a culmination of a lot of things. Mainly? It just wasn't  working as well as it could be. One thing I've learned in my constant goal of challenging myself and improving is that you have to know when to let go of some things. That should be an obvious realization but it's a hard one. 

You have to let go of expecting the same support. 

You have to let go of guilt of not being everything to everybody, even yourself. 

You have to let go of expectations. Pretty much ALL expectations. 

What I really learned in our old space is that I needed to grow my business. And I needed to focus up on what I've done most of my adult life, improve it and grow it. That didn't mean letting go of everything. It meant focusing on those things I've done well in addition to sprinkling in my mission of how I want to help people. 

If you have followed along here you would know the insurmountable changes and disappointments I've endured. One of which my struggle to have a child of my own. I'm a bonus mom but my husband and I have wanted to have a baby. I took it to heart when that didn't happen on my timeframe. But it's not about my timeframe. It was a very hurtful year while also trying to make my business work and be successful. 

All of this meant that I wanted to change the energy in 2017. I loved my old location but it wasn't the best spot for networking with other businesses. I heard repeatedly how dark the parking lot was. How hard the studio was to find, even after I got my sign up. I had certain things that didn't get repaired that I felt hindered what I wanted to convey. My rent was a great price but I had to be realistic about if I could afford it. 

I joined the Plano Chamber early last year and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I've made wonderful connections, gotten work and have made a few friends. John Livingston, a business coach who is also a member of the chamber, was the one who told me about Yeager Properties -- the location the studio is now headquartered. When he came to visit me at the time, I had just finished bawling about yet another thing I had to cut loose that no longer served me. I was worried about rent. I was feeling failed and throwing a pity party. He gave me some great ideas and told me I should check out the space. I did and it felt like an immediate fit. See the gallery below of the building. 

Even though I've lost probably 70% of the room I had before, the amenities I traded the space for are well worth it and for less rent. I don't have my own sign out front but we have a front desk, a gorgeous lit monitor showcasing what's new and where everyone is located and a building full of creatives. I no longer feel like an island. And right next door there will be a farm-to-table pizza place called Dough Society which should bring even more visibility.  

I really hit December with a fervor. I stayed busy in the studio or outside of it, working every day towards my goals. I still am selling Gummy World art (which I need to add more) and items from the apothecary. Below you will find images of how I've created my little space in this new location. So far my neighbors have remarked how much they love the vibe and the wings, of course! I hope to continue the momentum and to create more events. I still plan to have art openings, our first being on Jan. 14, and coloring parties. I'm just approaching things in a brand new way and I am excited to share them with you.