Art Is Life Profile: Sonya Jevette

Dallas-born and Austin-based, Sonya Jevette is well known for her swanky, psychedelic soul music. A sense of pure emotion ripples across her songs, strung raw by the self-proclaimed “Six String Slinger.”

Sonya has received recognition for her music all across Texas — even inspiring the mayor of Austin to proclaim March 25, 2004 “Jevette Day.”

“There’s no way to turn off the music in my being without being dead,” Sonya said.

As much as music is a major part of her life, Sonya does so much more. In fact she takes on four different jobs including one working with foster children. Though she’s never able to write any songs about her time with them due to confidentiality, that doesn’t stop Sonya from being deeply affected by her experiences. Fans are drawn to her active role in the community; her secret in maintaining the small, yet devoted, following she has is content. She believes social media makes all the difference.

Currently Sonya operates her new information and music releases on various sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Browsing through her accounts, fans can find that she has recently taken up painting which is just one of several talents she's discovered she possesses. While her main ability lies in her music, she’s prone to taking up new art forms and seeks a higher purpose in her life. Sonya identifies as an Indigo Child — a type of person born of special and unusual skill sets and whose sole purpose of helping others is made clear from an early age.

Through her experiences, Sonya remains true to taking action in her life. When asked about following her dreams, she will often reference the wise Star Wars guru, Yoda. In her own words:

“You can’t try to do something. You have to do it.”