Art Is Life Profile: Tzivia Stein-Barrett

Tzivia Stein-Barrett knew that she wanted to be a counselor at a young age. She grew up with an older brother who was a ‘meanie’ and they fought often. As a teenager, she was the mediator in her family and she decided to become a therapist so she could help others with a history of hurt, like hers.

“I am a master at listening closely and connecting the patterns of action and thought that keep a person suffering,” said Tzivia.

Unlike most therapists, Tzivia started her career as an artist.

“My work was both psychological and conceptual. I was interested in the relationship between the shapes of things. As a sculptor I used abstract body forms as metaphors for personal relationships.”  

Further explorations of expression were developed through performance art, poetry, movement and drama therapy.

Because of her unique background, Tzivia is not a traditional counselor. After graduating from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, she began working in the field of addiction; and incorporated working therapeutically with Massage and eventually integrated Therapeutic Yoga into her work.  Tzivia is certified in all of her modalities. was founded in 1994 by Tzivia for education and expressive therapies, where she currently practices holistic BodyMind Integrative Therapy.  Yoga, Psychodrama, and Cognitive Therapy are woven together as she and her client’s co-create a healing journey toward an improved life through both emotional and physical health. 

Yoga class Tzivia Stein-Barrett has led at Art Is Life Studio earlier this year. 

Yoga class Tzivia Stein-Barrett has led at Art Is Life Studio earlier this year. 

“My philosophy is that we have all the magic inside. Our answers may be hidden to us or we may not recognize them; but, that’s why we need a guide… and I’m an excellent one!” said Stein-Barrett.