Art Is Life Profile: Judy Hill

Judy Hill has been an artist all her life. Raised in Baytown, Texas, by two musicians, she always loved art of any kind. She took lessons in ballet, piano, gymnastics, and guitar, which eventually became her focus. Judy played her last show in August 2014 with her rock band GIRL, with whom she was a guitarist and vocalist. She also has a degree in photojournalism and enjoys photography. “I’ve never not been interested in art. I was born interested,” said Judy.

Judy only began painting in December 2015, but since semi-retiring from music, Judy has been focusing on her painting. She mostly uses acrylic paint and canvas to create abstract pieces. Inspired by emotions and color, Judy enjoys creating pieces with vibrant, lively colors as well as more subdued colors. Judy’s favorite part about painting is the surprise element; because her paintings are abstract, she does not plan the painting and does not necessarily know how a painting will look in the end.

Currently, Judy is a marketing executive for a photo app, Selfius. She has previously shown at the Art is Life Studio, and hopes to have more pieces soon. Like a true artist, Judy is pursuing painting simply because of her love of art. Her goal is to paint as much as possible.

“I paint when I feel vibrant,” Judy said. “I don’t have any expectations. I just do it out of the love of doing it, not for anybody.”