Like a good neighbor

As busy days go, this afternoon I was met with several phone calls and emails. Even though I was on my way out the door to get the keys and door code to the new studio location, I found myself answering the phone and email as I gathered my house keys and purse. Something just KEPT stopping me. This turned out to be a possibly life-saving thing.

Moments after I got off the phone with a potential client and headed for the door, I heard something that I can only describe as an explosion in my bedroom. Of course that couldn’t be possible so after I heard that sound followed by the sound of wheels screeching, I knew it was some kind of accident outside. I ran out the door and so did my neighbor across from me.

We looked at each other in bewilderment, both of us asking the other what could have happened. Then he yelled, “Where’s my truck?!” I had a sinking feeling. I ran inside because I left my keys on the counter after hearing the commotion. I told him he needed to get in my car and we were going to find his truck. But I forgot I had a bunch of stuff in the front seat from the old studio location.

“Are you moving?”

“Oh not from here, just my studio.”

He then helps me hurry to carry the stuff in the house.

“Ah, you’re an artist.”

Gotta love small talk in the middle of chaos. Anyway we jumped in my car. I told him I suspected his truck was involved and we just had to find the possible accident. We didn’t have to go far.

The scene after the police arrived. This is not my house, just to be clear!

So basically what we gathered is the guy in the truck you see in the above photo drove his truck into my neighbor’s truck (which is behind the tree). He had to have pushed it all the way into the yard of the home about five to six houses down from us! But we weren’t sure of all that at the time. The neighbors of that home were all outside and shaken.  The guy in the truck was swaying his head from side to side. Not sure if that reaction was from the impact of the tree, my neighbor’s truck, or if he was somehow incapacitated prior to the accident. 

The child on her father’s hip said the guy was dead and everyone quickly shushed her that he was still alive, which he was. I kept asking if someone had gotten away on foot from my neighbor’s truck and they weren’t putting two and two together about how my neighbor’s truck even got there! By looking at the tracks in the street and the yard, the homeowner realized the truck must have been pushed there. 

How does something like this happen right at the turn of a residential street? The speed had to be incredible to have accomplished pushing that truck about five to six houses down! If I had left when planned, because my car was on the same street, I would have met up with this accident. I have no doubt. And head on. I'm feeling pretty blessed. 

Here’s what I came away with though and it’s completely aside from the accident. Which neighbor are you? The one ready to go on the chase for a neighbor you don’t even know or the onlooker?  I could have easily walked away. My hair trigger instinct was to help because for all I knew, he had no other vehicle and time was ticking. I hate the idea of folks being taken advantage of and I would have not been able to sleep tonight knowing I maybe could have helped. 

In times like these, you just never know. You gotta be your own Batman and Robin.