Art Is Life featured on "Transformation Is Real"

Art Is Life Studio has a birth story beyond the brick and mortar. If you read the about, I talk briefly about why I started it. However, I have never written the full story about my transformation around the namesake, which just so happens to have started from a tattoo several years ago. 

Daniel D. Maurer, a recovery advocate, freelance writer and speaker, runs a site called Transformation Is Real. It's interesting how paths cross. Josh Cogan, who sang at my wedding, introduced me to Angie Shannon -- a Lutheran pastor. We have gotten to know each other and she thought me and Dan should connect. When we did, I loved that he looked at my site right away -- enough to see that I had a transformation story of my own around a very special tattoo. He asked if I would write my story for his website, and I was honored to do so. 

Please take time to read it here: Jenice's Change — 'To Err Is To Tat'