Reflection on "Unity Through Imagery"

We spend a lot of time behind screens and being outraged with the things happening in the world around us. Our recent event "Unity Through Imagery" was about getting together in person and showing some solidarity through art -- I photographed each person with someone they didn't know or wouldn't have known prior to this event. This is a time where it’s crucial to find allies in each other but first we must step out of our comfort zones and create the conversation.

Kevin Jackson of Genesis Barber and Beauty Salon helped me facilitate the event where we invited conversation about the division happening in our country. We did it with an open mind over a potluck setting, because you know what? Food brings folks together -- it's just fact.  (Thanks so much also to The Pastry Shaq for donating some amazing cupcakes because I think they probably can bring world peace...)

Although we definitely had our differences, everyone left in laughter and love and I have the receipts below!