Q&A with artist Leslie Love

Leslie Love had a VERY successful, nearly sold-out show at the studio at the end of last year and it was only her debut! We all look forward to seeing more gorgeous work from this talented creator. Read more about her in our Q&A.


How long have you been painting?

On and off for 15 years.

Do you have other mediums that you work with other than paint?

Pencils, charcoal, and markers, but it feels best working with paint.

What influences your work?

Nature, music and poetry insprire me to put brush to canvas and let it run wild.

Are there any artists that you admire that help inspire your paintings?

Artists that paved the way into the unknown and a new way of looking at the world like Picasso and Monet. Andy Warhall said, "Dont think about making art, just get it done, let everyone decide if its good or bad, if they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art." That quote helps me not strive for perfection just use my emotion and paint for the sake of painting and not try to impress anyone.

What does art mean to you and how do you express your life through your work?

Art is my lifeline. It has been my saving grace through difficult times and a constant reminder of beauty in the world and a silver lining in all experiences.

What do you believe is most important when creating art?

Creating something without restraint and be fully open mind heart and soul. Being honest and fueling your emotion in a positive way.