Bringing my heart to life

What you may or may not know:

When I had the words Art Is Life tattooed on my arm nearly 10 years ago, I was drunk. And like that tattoo, I've been through a lot of transformations from that day. Even then I knew there was a better way to live but I didn't want to see it. Drinking masked all of my spiritual gifts -- mainly empathy. I drank not to feel. I drank to become what I thought was a more fun and appealing version of myself. 

This, of course, was/is NOT my spiritual truth. A little something that was covered in Sunday morning service today. 

Years after that day when I stopped drinking I began dreaming of a place where people like me could be creative and grow. A place where even those who are not in that kind of recovery could discover and expand their gifts. I began to see this dream become reality when I finally opened a space like that almost a year ago. 

Every event I plan or host at Art Is Life Studio is dear to my heart. When you attend something there, you step into what my soul feels, what my heart beats to and how it grows. They aren't just events to me. They are steps toward faith in something greater than what I could imagine and hope to bring to the world. I am thankful that someone wrote the following to me last night, "I feel inspired and motivated by the short time I spent at your studio. Thank you."

Every time I plan an event it is a risk of "failure" but I do it anyway. This is because I know Spirit is always there and reminds me that no matter the numbers, it is worth doing.