Dallas artist Ejay Moore exhibits solo show May 30


Textures, movement and varied pigments highlight artist Ejay Moore’s work. She has been painting for over 10 years, a photographer for six and uses a variety of multimedia to create her pieces. 

Ms. Moore, who has been featured in venues and exhibitions across the Dallas/Fort Worth area, will have a solo show called “Perspective” for one night only at Art Is Life Studio. 

Much of Ejay’s work juxtaposes the vibrancy of nature with digital manipulation, thought-provoking words with congruent and disparate colors. 

“There are ideas dwelling within my psyche that long to be expressed and I simply don’t have room to house them all,” she said. “So, I paint to share them with the world.”

As with her process when creating her work, Ms. Moore’s solo show will explore her own “Perspective” and leave room for your own. It will examine how one feels about his or her own mortality and make spectators conscious of their spirit's immortality.