Increase the value of your business

Your Empowered Solutions, a Dallas business consulting team, is hosting a new Driving Forces Workshop to increase the “sellability” of local small business owners’ companies.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to noon May 9 at the Art Is Life Studio, located at 1200 E. Collins Blvd. #106 in Richardson, TX.  Whether entrepreneurs are looking to sell their companies or increase their value to possibly sell in the future, business coaches Katherine Clausen and Jamie Chavez will give participants the tools to make it happen.

Katherine spent 25 years with Walmart Inc. and oversawmulti-million dollar operations.  She specialized in teaching and training that turned around under-performing units. Jamie has a 10-year history working to improve systems and processes. She is also proficient in converting detailed and technical processes into easily understood portions. Katherine and Jamie work together to teach business owners how to make their companies more attractive to potential buyers.

Sign up for the workshop can be completed at where individuals can also take a quiz to find out their sellability score. Each workshop registrant will receive an extensive 27-page analysis of their business on the day of the workshop. 

Your Empowered Solutions is a business-coaching firm specializing in empowering small business owners to take hold of their lives and maximize their business in order to have it all.