Art Is Life Studio a new haven in Richardson for creatives

Located at 1200 E. Collins Blvd in Suite #106, Art Is Life Studio is an eclectic new creative space in Richardson that features a small gallery highlighting local artists as well as doubling as a venue space for small events.

I officially opened Art Is Life Studio on Feb. 7 and the grand opening was more successful that I imagined. Several pieces of artwork sold and I didn't sit down more than five minutes the entire event between mingling, hugging everyone who came through the door and shooting portraits.

I currently work out of the space fulfilling photography needs for clients and curating the art on display in the gallery. To provide another opportunity for the community to experience the studio, there will be an open house on Saturday, Feb. 28, from 4 to 10 p.m. and I will photograph (and edit) portraits for patrons at a discounted rate to take home on a CD. Refreshments will be served and all art on display available for purchase.

Along with being an art venue, Art Is Life Studio has already booked small businesses in need of space for their smaller events and one-on-one client meetings. Everything in the studio can be rearranged to make room or altered, within reason, to meet client specifications for rental. We can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably depending on how many tables are needed.

Please come out this weekend to learn more about Art Is Life Studio and look out for future regular events for even more opportunities to meet local artists, acquire art, book photo sessions, inquire about renting space or just kick back and enjoy an art-driven environment.

More information: Art Is Life Studio is located on the State Farm side of the office building at 1200 E. Collins Blvd. Once in the building from the double doors, turn right and the studio is down the hall. Please note that Art is Life Studio is a drug and alcohol-free environment.